About Wendy

Wendy Huang, RCC, MCAT

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and French at Simon Fraser University in 2007 and obtained a government position with the Government of British Columbia as an intake worker serving a wide range of direct or indirect contacts to hospitals, corrections, care centres, and health facilities for fifteen years.

In 2014, I had to take time off to deal with a critical illness. It was a life transition for me to explore and experience the power of art therapy. I want to introduce this healing method to those who are in need of this therapeutic process.

In 2021, I completed more than 700 hours of working with both direct and non-direct clients’ contacts and received direct supervision at Moving Forward Family Services, and at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. In 2022, I graduated from Athabasca University, and Vancouver Art Therapy Institute and obtained a Master of Counselling Degree (MC) as well as an Advanced Diploma from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (DVATI).

I am now registered with:

  • RCC as a Registered Clinical Counsellor under BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC RCC #20138)
  • Membership from Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA #61173274)
  • Membership from BC Art Therapy Association (BCATA #0635P)
  • Membership from Taiwan Art Therapy Association (TATA #02-409)
  • Membership from International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET #1578329)
  • Registered service provider with ICBC (#5111964)
  • Registered service provider with First Nations Health Authority
  • Registered service provider with Crime Victim Assistance Program


  • Certification of Child Cognition and Art Development
  • Certification of Child Art Assessment
  • Certification of Psychological Projection and Art Creation
  • Certification of Child Assessment on Human Figure Drawing
  • Certification of Child Assessment on Bird Nest Drawing
  • Certification of Child Assessment on Kinetic Family Drawing
  • Certification of Child Assessment on Graphic Family Portrayal
  • Certification of Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapy Level I
  • Certification of Sound Therapy

Here I am now, encouraging you to find a way to heal the soul, and to ground yourself with a connection to your body and mind through the power of making art.