Art Retreat for Cancer Warriors

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General Information
Session: In-person, or Virtual
Language: English or Mandarin
Virtual $110 / 45 mins; or $140 / 60 mins
In-person $120 / 45 mins; or $150 / 60 mins

To be who you are today required a lot of suffering. You may have forgotten who you were and are unsure about who you will be. But here you are, being able to piece your way back together, you are a warrior! In this series of sessions, you and others who have similar experiences will make art together to define a NEW YOU. This is the time to share your glory after this long battle. Family members are welcome to join to celebrate in this moment with you.

How can my art therapy help you?

  • Define a new you
  • Share your experience
  • Celebrate your success

Wendy Huang

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist (RCC, MCAT)

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