Art Therapy for MAMAs-to-Be

General information


2 sessions


General Information
Session: In-person, Group
Language: English or Mandarin

The prenatal period is challenging for those mamas-to-be. You not only carry the joy of having a newborn; you also carry the anxiety that new life (or lives) brings. Your life is changing, and will change even more in a few months. Everything is unknown, so you worry.

This series of sessions provides you with the opportunity to talk to your baby (or babies), your body, and your mind. You can transform your conversations into art creations to prepare yourself for an upcoming new chapter.

How can my art therapy help you?

  • Bond with your baby-to-be
  • Deepen body-mind connection
  • Relieve anxiety

Wendy Huang

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist (RCC, MCAT)

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