Meet You Over the Rainbow, My Fur Baby

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General Information
Session: In-person, or Virtual
Language: English or Mandarin
Virtual $110 / 45 mins; or $140 / 60 mins
In-person $120 / 45 mins; or $150 / 60 mins

Nobody can fully understand your emptiness over the loss of a beloved animal companion. Their unconditional love helped you go through your good times and difficult times. This is your chance to tell your fur baby that you are fine, and will be fine too because you will one day meet each other again at the other side of the rainbow.

This series of sessions can help you express fond memories that you and your animal companions had before, and will transform that power to positive energy to move forward in life.

How can my art therapy help you?

  • Pay tribute to your pet
  • Process grief and loss
  • Transform pain into positive energy

Wendy Huang

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist (RCC, MCAT)

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