Safe Space in nARTure: Nature + Art

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General Information
Session: In-person, or Virtual
Language: English or Mandarin
Virtual $110 / 45 mins; or $140 / 60 mins
In-person $120 / 45 mins; or $150 / 60 mins

Studies show that spending time in nature improves both an individual’s physical and mental health. This series of sessions takes place outdoors when weather permits. If weather is less pleasant, we move into an indoor studio and use natural elements to create art. By integrating natural environments and natural materials into our sessions, you will find it beneficial to your healing process.

How can my art therapy help you?

  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Connect with nature
  • Find healing through nature

Wendy Huang

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist (RCC, MCAT)

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