Spiritual Connection through Art Creation

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General Information
Session: In-person, or Virtual
Language: English or Mandarin
Virtual $110 / 45 mins; or $140 / 60 mins
In-person $120 / 45 mins; or $150 / 60 mins

Spirituality is not necessarily your religion. It is a means of seeking for your oneness or wholeness. Some people have a religion but do not really have strong faith, and some who have spiritual connection to something, such as nature, do not necessarily have a religion.

This series of sessions encourages you to explore your faith, straighten the relation to your beliefs, whether it’s your religion or your values, and you will build a spiritual connection to yourself and others.

How can my art therapy help you?

  • Explore your faith/spirituality
  • Straighten the relation to your beliefs
  • Build a stronger spiritual connection

Wendy Huang

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist (RCC, MCAT)

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